About us

I have always enjoyed creating and a few years ago I became anxious and stressed and was signed off from work. Whilst off, I started to make things again - my first make was the curtains for our bedroom and after that I was hooked! I went to various classes (from quilting to book binding) and they all helped me to switch off, and really focus on something other than my worries. It always felt amazing at the end of the class or course when I had learnt something new and made a beautiful object I could actually use!

I really believe that the making and crafting was a key part of helping me get better, and I want to create a positive space for people to make as a way to pay it forward.

As a result I have the following principles:

  • To create a relaxed and welcoming space where people can come to learn to make an object that they will actually use.
  • We truly believe that making things is good for the mind and soul!
  • We will provide the support, tuition and a range materials for each project so that you don’t have to source or store them but have a choice (although if you have something you want to use you are more than welcome to bring it!)
  • We aim to source organic and environmentally friendly materials and packaging and to reduce waste (what’s good for the earth is good for us)
  • We want you to make quality objects that you will want to use and enjoy so we will provide quality material and tuition

We look forward to seeing you at a class!


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